At Vinfen Connecticut, we transform lives by helping individuals on their journey to find employment that matters to them.

The Vinfen Connecticut Vocational Training Center (VVTC) offers job seekers a variety of options to assist them on their path to finding a career. We provide services that help our job seekers prepare for, obtain, and continue their highest possible level of employment through Supported Employment, Group Employment, and Arts-Based Vocational Services.

We work together with individuals, their families, their residential providers, local businesses, local school systems, and community members to help individuals become more independent both economically and socially. VVTC supervisors, clinicians, job coaches, and job developers are here to provide personalized training and support. This support is offered in the areas of career planning, searching for employment, social skills, communication skills, community access, mobility skills, and maintaining employment.


Supported Employment is a person-centered and individualized career planning model that leads to an individual securing and maintaining long-term employment in the community through on-site job training, short- and long-term job coaching, and assistance in the strengthening and building of natural supports.

VVTC works with businesses to develop employment arrangements that are designed to meet the needs of both our job seekers and their employers. If you are an employer who is interested in partnering with VVTC, please contact Courtney Lausier at 860 -707-3887 or lausierc@vinfen.org. We’re always looking for new organizations to partner with us.


Group Employment is a career planning model that provides valuable on-the-job training to small groups of individuals by establishing natural supports within the workplace and preparing individuals for future job placement within the community. To learn more about our Group Employment Services, contact Courtney Lausier at 860-707-3887 or lausierc@vinfen.org.

VVTC offers a program for students under 21 years old to experience a vocational program prior to aging out of high school. Students are assessed for their vocational abilities and interests and provided the opportunity to learn new skills while working in supported employment settings. VVTC collaborates with the sending schools to develop appropriate goals, provide periodic reports, and goal progress updates in IEP Direct. To learn more about our School to Work Transitions Services, contact Courtney Lausier at 860-707-3887 or lausierc@vinfen.org.

Arts-Based Vocational Services are offered through our Art Connection Studio. The Art Connection Studio is an innovative art center and gallery offering opportunities for learning and creativity development. It’s here, where individuals can follow their dreams to become an artist and explore the many art modalities offered at the studio. The studio provides specialized vocational programming, art therapy services, teambuilding workshops, and community-based art classes. Artists are encouraged to create their own unique individualized career while learning new processes and developing skills with the encouragement and support of a professional staff of artists.