We believe our work is enriched by interns who come to us with a broad range of experience and backgrounds.

Our internship program offers opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate-level students to gain experience working directly with people we serve, while learning from our talented, experienced supervisors.

Opportunities range from working alongside our outreach teams to placement at one of our behavioral health clinics, day programs, residential programs or in our corporate office. Internships typically range from one semester to a full academic year.


We offer internship opportunities for undergraduate-level interns in one of our day programs working with adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We also offer more administrative placements where interns can gain experience working in our HR, Legal, Communications & Development, Payroll, Quality, or IT departments.


We work with master’s level interns to determine placement based on your field of study. We offer internships for MSW, MA in Counseling, BCBA, and OT students. Graduate-level interns will work with staff in a program or on an outreach team. Internship supervisors are Licensed Independent Clinical Social Workers or Licensed Mental Health Clinicians.


Simply complete the internship application below and submit it to along with a resume, optional cover letter, and any internship guidelines that you must meet.

Internship Application


Vinfen is one of the most dynamic and innovative health and human services organizations in the country. With over 455 locations in Massachusetts and Connecticut, we are a leading provider of comprehensive services for adults and adolescents with disabilities or life challenges. We provide a wide range of evidence-based programs in recovery, supported living, habilitation, education, employment, clinical, and peer support to the populations we serve. Vinfen’s programming allows our interns to put their classroom work into action. Vinfen will provide you with an opportunity to practice your knowledge and gain invaluable skills and experience.

If you are a college student, earning school credit, and studying for an undergraduate or graduate degree related to the services provided at Vinfen, then we may have an internship opportunity for you! Simply apply online and our Internship Coordinator or a member of the HR Department will connect with you to discuss the internship program and opportunities.

To apply for an internship with Vinfen, simply complete the online application and submit your completed application, together with your resume and an optional cover letter, to During the online application process, you will be asked to provide information about your education, experience and why you want to intern at Vinfen, along with basic information such as name, address, and contact information.

During your internship, you will be immersed in the life and culture of Vinfen and our unique and rewarding programs. Our goal for you as an intern is to provide you with an opportunity to translate your classroom knowledge into real-life experience. You will broaden your understanding of your chosen field, network with leaders in the health and human services industry, and enhance your professionalism skills. Upon completion of your internship, we are confident that you will have gained practical skills to enter the job market with a competitive advantage.

No. As your internship is for educational purposes or academic credit you will not be paid.

Yes, and we hope you do! We will work with you to establish an agreement with your school to assist you in obtaining college credit based on your internship with Vinfen.

Yes. Our Internship Coordinator will work with you to establish the start and end dates of your internship. The placement will be for a defined period with set expectations for completion.

Our Internship Coordinator and the regional Human Resources Manager will be available during your internship to assist you with any questions, concerns, or needs you may have during your internship experience.

Yes! Employees can apply for an internship with Vinfen, they should follow the same process that a non-employee would to apply for an internship. These internship placements will be unpaid and are not to interfere with your current work schedule. In most cases, internships for current employees will take place in a different program or team in order to avoid confusing internship responsibilities with employment responsibilities.