About Us

For over 20 years, Vinfen has been dedicated to transforming lives in Connecticut.

We are a leading provider of community-based services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and mental health conditions. Our dedicated staff support the people we serve in achieving their goals and leading more independent, productive, and valued lives as members of their community.

With more than 45 locations in Connecticut, we provide a wide range of evidence-based programs in recovery, supported living, habilitation, education, and employment to the populations we serve.

Our leadership and Vinfen as a company have received numerous awards and been recognized for excellence in health and human services at the state and national level.

We work in partnership with professionals and organizations from all areas of health and human services. We collaborate with experts and thought leaders in the field to learn from them, as they learn from us. We work with legislators and government officials, with advocacy organizations, and with other providers, to advocate for the people we serve and their families and to support our employees.


As a leading community-based health and human services organization, Vinfen Connecticut is certified to provide high-quality services to support people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and mental health conditions

Vinfen Connecticut’s programs for people with mental health conditions are approved by the Connecticut Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services.

Our programs for people with intellectual and development disabilities are certified by the Connecticut Department of Developmental Services.


In 1977, a group of psychiatrists and social workers from the Massachusetts Mental Health Center and Harvard Medical School decided that they needed to help people with psychiatric conditions, many of whom in those days lived in hospitals, learn to live as members of the community. They founded Vinfen as a nonprofit company and established one of the first group homes to help people transition to community living. Vinfen began with a mission of helping people with mental health conditions live healthy, satisfying, productive, and valued lives as full members of their community. Today that mission is the same, although we have expanded the populations we serve, our geography, and have continuously adopted advancing science-based clinical and rehabilitation technology to provide better services.

In 1999, Vinfen was approached by the Connecticut Department of Developmental Disabilities and asked to submit a proposal for providing services to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The proposal was accepted; and early in 2000, Vinfen Connecticut began providing services to eight individuals in three community living arrangements.

Within the first year, Vinfen Connecticut developed a reputation for providing high-quality, person-centered services to help people live valued, productive lives in their communities. This led to an expansion in our services to provide day and employment services. We also began providing specialized, culturally sensitive services to Hispanic and Latino individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We created service-enriched housing options that felt like family homes.

In 2006, Vinfen Connecticut broadened our scope of services to create programs for adolescents and adults with mental health conditions as a partner of the Connecticut Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services.

Today, Vinfen Connecticut provides an increasing array of residential, day, and employment services to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and mental health conditions.

Our strategic vision recognizes that we must continuously adopt and adapt better clinical, rehabilitation, and behavioral intervention technologies as they emerge, collaborate with other health and human services organizations to provide better integrated care, and engage with and respond directly to consumers who will increasingly choose and manage their own services based on value-proven outcomes with clear and reasonable costs.

Our vision and our history are captured in Vinfen’s tagline:

Transforming Lives Together