Art Connection Studio is an innovative art center and gallery offering opportunities for learning and creativity development.

The studio provides specialized vocational programming and community art classes. Art Connection Studio offers individuals and groups an opportunity to experience art making, which serves many purposes including self-discovery, joy, and connection to others. Individuals can explore and develop artistic skills while learning about themselves, others, and the world of art all within a professional art community. Friendships, art, and important career skills are all formed here.

The act of creating art can produce many emotions and facets important to making one’s life productive and fulfilling. These include self-discovery and exploration alongside opportunities for joy, regeneration, and connection. Art Connection Studio provides programs that tap into these important aspects needed in life – especially being part of a community. It’s here that individuals can pursue their dreams of becoming an artist and developing a career in the arts.

Programs are designed for professional development for more than 45 adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities and mental health conditions. Artists are encouraged and supported in unearthing their unique aesthetic and then creating pieces of art highlighting those special talents.

Artists can create a unique individualized career by learning new processes and developing skills with the support of a staff of professional artists. Artists explore the medium of art and learn about themselves in the process.

Artists at the Art Connection Studio develop skills in a multitude of mediums including:

  • Textile design
  • Contemporary painting
  • Abstract painting
  • Jewelry design
  • Photography
  • Encaustic painting
  • Watercolor
  • Music inspired painting
  • Mixed media
  • Folk art
  • Portfolio development

Artists work alongside each other, supporting and inspiring one another while creating unique one-of-a-kind art pieces.

Each artist is engaged in an ongoing interactive process where they develop their product line and develop skills based on their interests and talents. Each artist will develop a professional portfolio and explore their unique place in the art world while creating art pieces that are beautiful and marketable.

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