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Vinfen Connecticut’s Residential Services give people with psychiatric conditions a place to call home as they build skills needed to gain greater independence.

At Vinfen Connecticut, we offer a wide range of short- and long-term residential support to people with psychiatric conditions. These supports offer varying levels of assistance from transitional apartments to highly-supervised residential settings. Our services are customized support designed for each of our residents.


24-Hour Residential Support Services are available for people with psychiatric conditions who are working to address specific barriers they face to living independently. Our Residential Support Services provide people with a safe, comfortable group home. Two to five typically live together with varying levels of staff support ratios customized to the needs of the residents. This is provided 24-hours a day and 365-days a year. Vinfen’s dedicated, highly-trained staff partner with family members, guardians, and other providers to help people achieve their personal goals and build the skills needed for greater independence. Staff help people manage many responsibilities of daily life, including meal planning and preparation, transportation to medical appointments, and managing personal finances. Our staff also fosters social connections, friendships, and community membership while respecting and celebrating each resident’s culture, strengths, and contributions.


Transitional Residential Services are a bridge between intensive clinical settings and independent community living. Our staff partner with each person we serve to provide the most effective and comprehensive supports possible. Residents work with staff to increase the ability to manage daily life including medications, medical appointments, and social, vocational, and educational opportunities. Staff also works closely with a Program Clinician to monitor a resident’s progress toward independent living and recovery.