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At Vinfen Connecticut, we work together with businesses to develop employment arrangements for the people we serve designed to meet their goals and the needs of the employer. Please join us. We are always looking for new organizations to partner with us.

Our job coaches at the Vinfen Connecticut Vocational Training Center take the time to learn and understand the unique needs of your business. We match the interests and talents of our candidates with your staffing requirements. Our job coaches will remain at the business as long as each person needs support or until the new hire is proficient in all aspects of the job. Then, we provide ongoing professional support, job training, and retention services to ensure that your needs are met and to make any necessary adjustments to guarantee a successful placement.

Hiring a person with a disability helps employers diversify recruiting efforts. Additionally, businesses may be able to take advantage of tax incentives available for eligible employers who hire a person with a disability.

The people we serve hold a number of diverse jobs in the community such as trainers, office workers, restaurant workers, hospitality workers, and retail and sales staff.


If you are an employer who is interested in partnering with Vinfen Connecticut, please contact us at 860-292-8675 or