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We support people in the workforce. If you are an employer, learn more about partnering with Vinfen Connecticut.

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At Vinfen Connecticut, we actively seek to build strategic partnerships and alliances with leading experts in the field of health and human services and other disciplines to advance our mission.

Vinfen Connecticut is considered a model of excellence in health and human services. We partner with health and human services professionals and organizations nationally and internationally. We work with legislators and government officials, to advocate for the people we serve and their families and to support our employees. We collaborate with experts and thought leaders to develop new approaches to providing quality care. Our emphasis on excellence is the reason we are one of the most respected, nonprofit, health and human service organizations.

If you have any questions or would like further information about partnering with us, please contact Jana McClure at 860-688-3165 or

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We partner with state departments and agencies, other community behavioral health and human service organizations, provider trade associations, health care providers, hospitals, universities, and managed care organizations, throughout Connecticut.

These relationships enhance our capacity to provide or collaborate to integrate comprehensive services for the people we serve.


Vinfen Connecticut works in a variety of ways as a company and with provider and advocacy organizations to shape policy and resource decisions all levels of government, including with the administrative departments and legislature in Connecticut.

We advocate for resources and policies supporting health, full community living, and employment for the people serve and to support our employees who have dedicated their careers to helping people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and psychiatric conditions.