Vinfen Connecticut’s day services give people an opportunity to develop skills, build confidence, and achieve their goals through education or employment. We partner with people to help them build the foundation they need to live independent, successful lives in the community.

We serve a diverse group of adults who have intellectual and developmental disabilities, mental health conditions, and behavioral health challenges. Our highly-trained staff collaborate with individuals and their support teams to define personal needs and goals. This ensures that each individual receives the support he or she needs to achieve increased independence and community integration.

Community integration services are designed to provide social skills building, educational enhancement, recreation, and exercise opportunities in the community. Program supports include the development, maintenance, and enhancement of independent daily living skills. Day supports are individually tailored to help people gain or maintain skills to participate more fully and productively in work, leisure, or community activities.

For more information about eligibility and services, for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, contact Maricruz Ortiz at 860-787-9674 or

For more information about eligibility and services for people with mental health conditions, contact Marita McDermott at 860-787-9672 or

Our employment services provide individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities the support they need to develop important job skills and job experience needed to establish their career. We provide this through community-based vocational training and employment.

For more information, visit our Employment Services page.