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Mommy-Daddy-and-MeVinfen Connecticut’s Art Connection Studio hosted its first community art class called Mommy/Daddy and Me on October 23. During the workshop, parents and children explored new ways to paint. Instead of using paint brushes, the artists painted with fruits, vegetables, and other edible materials. By “playing with their food,” the artists worked together to produced creative works of art.

The class is just one of the many new community classes and workshops at Art Connection Studio. Art Connection Studio plans to have more Mommy/Daddy and Me classes in the near future. Meanwhile, art classes specifically tailored for adults are currently being held. The classes are open to the general public who wish to broaden their artistic talents. Art Connection Studio developed these classes as a way to strengthen its connection with their community as well as expand their artists’ employment prospects. “This opens our doors to our community and opens up the community to our artists. We want to create an art hub and also create work opportunities for our artists,” states Art Connection Studio’s Director Marita McDermott.

An integral part of the community classes and workshops are Art Connection Studio artists who work as paid Studio Assistants. This provides our artists professional work experience in a supportive environment. During the Mommy/Daddy and Me class, Art Connection Studio artist See was the Studio Assistant. “See used her creativity and compassion to work with the parents and children. She was a wonderful addition to the community class,” says Art Connection Studio’s Art Therapist and Art Facilitator Christina Clarino.

For more information about Art Connection Studio and their classes, call 860-236-0705, email, or visit their website at

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