Vinfen Connecticut’s residential services provide individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities a range of residential options that offer a safe, comfortable, and supported place to call home.

This range offers varying levels of support from independent living to highly-supervised settings for adolescents and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Our services support individuals to achieve greater independence while fostering connections with their family, friends, and community.

Our 24-Hour residential support services provide adolescents and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities a place to call home that is closely connected to family members, friends, and their community. Two to four individuals typically live together with varying levels of staff support ratios customized to the needs of the individuals being served. Vinfen Connecticut’s dedicated, highly-trained staff partner with family members, guardians, and other providers to help individuals achieve their personal goals and build skills needed for greater independence. Staff assists individuals with managing responsibilities of daily life, meal planning and preparation, transportation to medical appointments, and managing personal finances. We work with individuals to foster social connections, friendships, and community membership while respecting and celebrating the individual’s culture, talents, and contributions.

Vinfen Connecticut operates more than 30 programs that are dedicated to providing residential support services to adolescents and adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities. Together these young people transition from living at home with their family or another residential setting to living in a supported residential program.

We also offer residential programs that employ full-time bilingual (English/Spanish) staff who specialize in providing culturally appropriate supports to Hispanic individuals.

For more information about eligibility and services, contact Maricruz Ortiz at 860-787-9674 or

Vinfen Connecticut offers individual residential support services through the Connecticut Independent Housing Network. This Network provides support to individuals with a developmental or intellectual disability who choose to live independently in their own apartment with intermittent support from Vinfen Connecticut staff. Hours of support typically range from 5 to 64 hours per week. Vinfen Connecticut works with individuals and their families to develop person-centered supports that meet the individual’s needs. This service is intended to assist individuals with attaining the highest possible level of independence, so they are able to live happy, productive, and valued lives. Services may include assistance with transportation, medication administration, meal planning, managing personal finances, social activity planning, representative payee, and management of benefits.

For more information about eligibility and services, contact Maricruz Ortiz at 860-787-9674 or