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Art Connection Studio Celebrates their 5th Anniversary

Vinfen CT’s Art Connection Studio celebrated their 5th anniversary with an exhibition at their studio in Hartford, CT on Friday, September 16. Over months of preparations, artists created a collection of work which tied into the show’s thematic elements of collaboration, teamwork, community, and play.

Paintings, mixed media works, watercolors, textile designs, jewelry, fiber arts, and illustrations were all available for purchase, with proceeds going both to the artist and to support the studio in its continued mission.Guests were also treated to a silent auction.

“Art is music for the eyes, and the harmonies and touches of discord are sure to uplift spirits,” said Art Connection Studio Program Specialist Michael Galaburri in his announcement of the event. “Times have changed. Different faces have come and gone throughout the years, but the heart has always remained the same, and, in many ways, that is something we can all relate to, in spite of today’s melancholy headlines. In times of hardship, things of beauty may seem somewhat frivolous. But take away the beauty and all you have left is the hardship.”