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Art Connection Studio Brings Students and People Living with Brain Injury Together to Paint

Paint Day at Art Connection StudioVinfen Connecticut’s Art Connection Studio hosted a Paint Day with guests from Trinity College and the Brain Injury Alliance of Connecticut on April 8. Students from Trinity and people living with brain injury were paired up in groups of two and were asked to paint collaboratively on a canvas together. Guest artists were encouraged to explore and play with their paint and paintbrushes. In the end, each group designed a unique work of art with some painted abstracts while others created images such as flowers, landscapes, and words. The event was facilitated by Art Connection Studio Artist Uniqua Hester and Program Specialist Michael Galaburri. Uniqua assisted the guest artists throughout their whole creative process. “Uniqua was very helpful, showed initiative, and was warm and friendly,” said Michael. “During the wrap-up, she offered her thoughts about how to deal with accidents in paint by making adjustments without being too frustrated. She also explained that often in our studio process, artists will build up many layers of paint and release the previous layer in favor of something better. This is also comparable to life in general, releasing the old and embracing the new.”

Art Connection Studio would like to thank Trinity College Research Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience Sarah Raskin and Director of Community Outreach & Support at Brain Injury Alliance of Connecticut and Art Connection Studio Volunteer Deb Shulansky for organizing the event. In addition the studio would like to thank guests for their enthusiastic and creative participation.