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Art Connection Studio Artist Dan F. Earns His First Paycheck

Dan F and Parents - SmallDan Fiorentino, an artist at Vinfen’s Art Connection Studio, recently received his first paycheck ever as a greeter in the dermatologist office of Dr. Jennifer Pennoyer. As a greeter, Dan works as both an ambassador and traffic cop, greeting patients and escorting them to their exam rooms in the busy office. His success story was covered by Fox 61 on January 26.

Dr. Pennoyer, who didn’t know Dan before she hired him, now proclaims that he is a model employee.

“Dan has come in here and done a wonderful job,” she said. “We really just took a leap of faith that it might or might not work out, but it was certainly worth a try.”

It’s often very difficult for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to find employment, but Dan’s mother, Shelagh McClure, hopes that news of her son’s success will spread the message that hiring adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities is often well worth the investment.

Dan’s father, Tom Fiorentino said, “These are folks who need a first chance, and given that first chance they will do the job.”

Most importantly, Dan loves his new job. “I like meeting new folks,” Dan said. “I call their name and they follow me.”