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Art Connection Opens its Doors for Open Studio Hartford

osh-ekphrasis-event-2016-11-05-smallVinfen Connecticut’s Art Connection Studio had a fantastic time participating in this year’s Open Studio Hartford. For the event’s kickoff reception on November 3, Art Connection Studio put forward a collaborative work by Art Connection Studio Artists Jessica Foberg, Tiffany Jones, Patricia Williams, and Jonathan Thompson entitled Spotlight. The event took place at the Hartford ArtSpace Gallery. Spotlight was chosen to inspire a live performance on the November 5 Hartford Open Studios event, Ekphrasis: Poetry, Music, and Dance Inspired by Visual Art. Gale B. Gardiner, a professional musician, performed “Lavender & Moonlight” on a zither in response to the moving piece of art.

“Thank you to our Art Connection Studio artists, Gale, and the Open Studio Hartford team for making this happen,” said Art Connection Program Specialist Michael Galaburri.

Art Connection also participated in the city-wide open studio days on November 12 and 13, where dozens of galleries opened their doors to the public. Each year, this event brings together hundreds of artists from over dozens of studios to promote their art and support one another. It is a collaboration designed to promote the local arts community, the artists themselves, and their work that brings people into the neighborhoods of Hartford for an enjoyable, educational, and inspiring event.

To learn more about Art Connection Studio, visit their website.