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At Vinfen Connecticut, we envision a world where people with disabilities or life challenges lead full, productive, and valued lives, free from prejudice and discrimination, and who are supported to achieve their personal goals in the communities in which they choose to live.

Our Executive Team, which oversees Vinfen’s programs in both Massachusetts and Connecticut, brings a wealth of diverse experience and competence, a proven track record of innovation, quality outcomes and financial stewardship, and a strong commitment to the values we embrace.

Our role as leaders is to consistently evaluate and improve our policies and practices to ensure that we are hiring caring employees, training them to use the very best science-based techniques, and supporting them to provide the most effective interventions to those whom we serve.

To accomplish these goals, we are engaged as participants and in leadership roles throughout the behavioral health and human services provider, advocacy, and research communities, in order to help shape and to benefit from improvements to the entire health and human services system.

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For more of Vinfen’s leaders, please see this list of Senior Management.